1st Year English Important Pair of Words 2023


There are several individuals who are studying in the first year. In this case, the difficult subject for most of the aspirants is English. Even the part-B is having some stories, essays, applications, letters, and more. However, from the grammar section, spelling correction and similar sections are also important. But here we will cover 1st Year English Important pair of words 2023 that you can see in the PDF form and more. So, it will help you to learn easily and start your preparation. But if you are having some other source, you can also use it to get more related sentences that can help to learn.

Basically, the pair of words that we are providing at this place will help to figure it out. In this case, if you are new, you can take a look at the below to cover it. Even we also cover the additional record that will help to learn for your final preparation. In addition, there are several sections of the paper that are necessary to complete. In this case, if you do not do good in that sections, you will not be able to get high marks in your exam. So, make sure to cover all portions of the paper to get excellent marks. However, here we are going to put the details in the shape of a query to show you pair of words.

1st Year English Important Pair of Words 2023

Accept Do you accept this pay?
Except All except Hamza went to the river.
Access Have you any access to the Chief Engineer?
Excess Excess of anything is bad.
Adapt H can adapt himself to every situation.
Adopt We adopted a wrong method
Adept She is an adept at singing.
Advice My advice fell flat upon him.
Advise Iadvise you not to waste your time.
Affect The student affected illness.
Effect My advice had no effect on him.
Altar The altar was stained with blood.
Alter I have altered my plans.
Angel He is angel nor a man.
Angle A triangle has three angles.
Ant The ant was going to drown.
Aunt My aunt was going to drown.
Apposite Your reply was quite opposite.
Opposite He sat opposite to me.
Ascent It is a sleep ascent from murree to nathiagali.
Assent He readily assented to my proposal.
Aught Say aught you know about it.
Ought you ought to lend him some money.
Bail The judge refused to release me on bail.
Bale Four thousand bates of cotton were burnt in the fire.
Berth Have you got your berth reserved?
Birth The king was overjoyed at the birth of the heir.
Born Adjmal was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
Borne He has borne his misfortunes like a brave man.
Boy That was the boy who broke my slate.
Buoy The bell was placed on a buoy near the Inchcape rock.

These are the first fifteen that can help to learn and have a chance to come to the final. So, be ready to prepare them and have a chance to cover five to ten marks in your English paper. On the other hand, if you have some sort of question in the shape f your study, you can mention it in the comment box. We will provide you with several other ways to get high marks. Similarly, if you are looking the past papers or notes, you can visit the main page of this site. It will take you to the next level to get high marks.