CSS Screening Test 2023 Syllabus Online


The candidates are already aware of the CSS test dates by reading our previous post. In this way, there are a lot of candidates who are asking questions about the CSS Screening Test 2023 Syllabus and marking of this test. They can check the complete details about the syllabus of the CSS screening test. We are covering the details of the CSS syllabus for our visitors in this post. So, read this post to know about the syllabus of the CSS exam and other criteria of this exam in Pakistan. Actually, the CSS screening test is covering the five major subjects in which the questions will come for the test. So, we are mentioning below the complete syllabus for the candidates.

CSS stands for Central Superior Services that allow the candidate to get the higher level post in government. After completing this exam the candidates can directly get the 16 or 17 grades in any government position. However, come to the main topic of the summary of CSS screening test Syllabus and marks here.

CSS Exam Syllabus of Screening Test 2023

So, first of all, we would like to mention the total marks of the screening test CSS. There are a total of 200 marks that are divided into five parts. Actually, there are five subjects that are holding these marks according to the importance of the test. So, check the below list of the subject with respect to the marks of the subject in the test.

CSS Screening Test 2023 Syllabus

There are five subjects that are Islamic studies, Urdu, English, General Ability, and General Knowledge. You can check the syllabus of these subjects and marks are allocated with every subject for the CSS screening test.

Islamic Studies syllabus and marks

In this subject, there are a total of 20 marks in the exam for Muslim students. However, non-Muslims can choose Civics, Ethics, or Islamic Studies for the alternate to get these marks.

Urdu Syllabus and marks:

In Urdu subject, there are also 20 marks in which the syllabus is covering Urdu Grammar and paragraph translation.

English Syllabus and Marks:

The subject of English is covering 50 marks with the syllabus of Grammar, Comprehension paragraph, and vocabulary.

General Ability Subject and marks:

In this subject, the total marks are 60 with the syllabus of Analytical problem solving as well as Arithmetic, Algebra, Logical, and Geometry problem-solving.

In the last subject which is General Knowledge, the syllabus is current affairs, Pak-study questions, and modern science. However, the total marks of this subject are 50.

This is all about the syllabus of the CSS exam in 2023 and the marking of the subjects. So, if you have further query comment below about the CSS exam and syllabus. The details about the CSS Screening Test Syllabus and Marks distribution are available here. Click here to check the Schedule of the CSS exam and further information.