English Paper Pattern 1st Year 2023 Lahore Board


To know about the English Paper Pattern 1st Year 2023 Lahore Board, we are putting book one and book three details. So, the individuals will be able to figure it out and will be able to start their preparation accordingly. Basically, there are several individuals who already know about the procedure of the paper but if you don’t know, you can see it on this page. Actually, the paper in English is holding 100 marks and all marks are distributed accordingly to deliver the questions in the form of MCQs, Short as well as stories, translations and more. So, here you will get the complete distribution in order to the question. It will help to figure it out and find the required data accordingly.

On the other hand, if you are new, you can explore it to find all other subject patterns as well as other helpful data. So, you will able to find the scheme, past papers and guess papers of the 11th. It is a perfect way to do smart study as compared to reading a complete book. Similarly, in the section of English for class 11th, the part of the objective is covering 20 marks. Actually, these are just a piece of cake to eat without any super hard struggle. You need to keep a few things in mind and you will get these marks easily. First of all, the area of Book I will give you 8 marks under the synonyms section. However, three will come from the part of plays and 2 will come from poems.

English Paper Pattern 1st Year 2023 Lahore Board


BookI-III 10 synonyms and 5 MCQs

Form of Verb 5 MCQs


Q2 BookI 9 short to attempt 6

Q3 BookIII 8 to attempt 5

Q4 BookIII 6 to attempt 4

Q5 Letter/Application 10

Q6 Story 10

Q7 Stanza, Punctuation, Pairs of Words = 5,5,5

Q8 Translation=5

Besides, the remaining five numbers will cover the topic’s correct form of the verb. If you have a good enough grip on these topics as we mention, you will get excellent marks to gain from the section on MCQs. Now come to the next section that is covering several topics as per the pattern. In this case, the second question starts from book one holding 9 questions of which three are in choice. However, the remaining six you will attempt and will get 12 marks in that question. On the other hand, the next question will start from Book III having 8 to attempt five. But it is the area of play. However, the section of poems is covering the 8 marks with available 6 questions.

English paper pattern 1st year 2023 lahore board download

In the part of the letter or Application, the aspirants can select any of them to get 10 makers. Similarly, the next question is all about the stanza in which you can give a reference of the context and get five marks. Moreover, the section of the same question is punctuation in which the paragraph will come in the paper without the Punctuation. So, you need to correct it as per grammar. Besides, another part of the grammar is regarding the pairs of words to write sentences on five and get these marks. In the last part, the individual will translate the paragraph that will come in the paper from book one. It is holding 15 marks so don’t take it lightly.