Intermediate of Science (FSc Pre-Engg) 2022 FSc. Pre-Engineering

Intermediate of Science (FSc. Pre-Engineering) degree provides broad exposure and education in many aspects of essential Scientific Enquiry.

 All courses in the program are designed to prepare the students and provide them with the basic skills of the engineering field. 

The Pre-Engineering program develops the basic scientific skills of the students in areas of Physic, Chemistry, and Mathematics through the program.

It is best for those students who wish to choose a career in the field of engineering. 

The importance of engineering in our lives, especially in the development of Pakistan, plays a vital role. Hence this program has become inevitable for individuals wishing to be professional engineers in the future.

Subject Wise Marks Distribution
Subjects Objective Subjective Practicals Total Marks
Part 1
Urdu 20 80 100
English 20 80 100
Islamiyat 10 40 50
Math 20 80 100
Physics 17 68 15 100
Chemistry 17 68 15 100
Part 2
Urdu 20 80 100
English 20 80 100
Pak Studies 10 40 50
Math 20 80 100
Physics 17 68 15 100
Chemistry 17 68 15 100

Career Options

FSc. Pre-Engineering there is a wide range of career opportunities for students. This profession is so broad that it has a variety of career options.

Career opportunities are listed below 

  1. Electrical Engineer
  2. Structural Engineer
  3. Telecommunications Engineer
  4. Analyst Intermediate
  5. Network Engineer
  6. Network Engineer
  7. Software Systems Engineer

Major Subjects

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Intermediate of Pre-Engineering Course:

  1. The candidate should have ten years of education.
  2. Candidates should have an intermediate degree from a recognized college or university.
  3. International students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
  4. Admission will be made on merit, subject to the regional quota.

(These rules vary from institute to institute)

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