Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded Story For 1st Year


There are many stories on the moral of Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded Story for 1st Year but here you will see a new one. Actually, this is all about the kindness that when you do you do not receive an immediate response from the others. But if always have an impact that you will receive by nature or from others. So, it is also important to know which action is best that you are doing for others. It always returns in the shape of rewards that you will receive from them or others. However, this is an easy story that you can remember to put in your exam and get good marks from the examiner.

On the other hand, there are several books that you can use to learn about this moral in preparation for your final exam. There are different authors that are providing it to deliver for the individuals. So, you can find it in the note books or any other helping guides that your teacher suggests you. But on this page, you will see an easy-to-learn story in a simple way. So, you can learn it and use it in different ways to get excellent marks. Let’s start our story which is all about kindness and its outcome in the shape of scholarships rewarded by the organization.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to help others. She would always go out of her way to make sure that everyone around her felt happy and cared for.

Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded Story For 1st Year

Guess Paper 2023 Class 11 Punjab Board

  • One day, while walking home from school, Lily saw an elderly woman struggling with her groceries. Without hesitation, she offered to help carry them home for the woman. The woman was so grateful and thanked Lily for being so kind.
  • The next day at school, one of Lily’s classmates noticed how happy the old lady was when they arrived at her house with the groceries. Impressed by Lily’s kindness, he decided to befriend her and invite her to sit with him during lunchtime.
  • As it turned out, this boy had many friends who were also impressed by Lily’s selflessness and began inviting her to join in their activities too. Before long, she had made many new friends who all admired and respected her for being such a kind-hearted person.
  • Over time, these friendships grew stronger as they shared more experiences together – from going on adventures in nature parks or helping each other through tough times in life.
  • Years went by and eventually, it came time for college applications. To everyone’s surprise including hers’, she received numerous scholarships due to recommendation letters written about how much of an impact she has made in people’s lives just because of simple acts like carrying bags or sitting with someone during lunchtime.

Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded Story

Lily realized that even though you may not receive immediate rewards; kindness never goes unappreciated nor unrewarded!
Actually, this is a simple story that every intermediate student can learn for the final preparation. In fact, you can get ideas from this story and create your own if you are having good grip on your English skills. Besides, there are some other sources and topics that you can explore on this platform. So, it will help you to get more related details and other moral stories for your final preparation.
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