KPK Government Medical Colleges Fee Structure 2023 MBBS/BDS

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Discover the fee structures for government sector medical and dental colleges in KPK for MBBS and BDS courses in 2023. Learn about the admission policies and fees for open and self-merit seats in these prestigious institutions.

In the picturesque province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), aspiring medical students have the opportunity to pursue their dreams in some of the finest government sector medical and dental colleges. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the fee structures, admission policies, and financial details for MBBS and BDS programs in these esteemed institutions for the year 2023.

Government Sector Medical Colleges in KPK: Here is a list of the esteemed government sector medical colleges in KPK:

  1. Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad
  2. Bacha Khan Medical College, Mardan
  3. Bannu Medical College, Bannu
  4. Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi
  5. Khyber Girls Medical College (For Girls only)
  6. Gomal Medical College
  7. KMU Institute of Medical Sciences, Kohat
  8. Khyber Medical College Peshawar
  9. Saidu Medical College Swat
  10. Nowshera Medical College, Nowshera

KMU Admission Policy: To ensure a fair and transparent admission process, Khyber Medical University (KMU) follows certain policies:

  • No deduction for MDCAT repeaters/improvers.
  • No deduction of grace marks awarded in FSC.

KPK Government Fee Structure for MBBS/BDS 2023: Let’s delve into the fee structures for the various types of seats in government medical and dental colleges in KPK:

  1. Open Merit Seats:
    • Annual Fee: 62,500 Rs
    • Total Fee for 5 Years: 3,12,500 Rs (Excluding Hostel, Mess, and Transport charges)
  2. Self Merit Seats:
  3. Open Merit Kim’s (Khyber Medical College):

MBBS/BDS Fee Structure for the Last Year (2022-23 Session):

Open Merit Fee Structure for KMC, KGMC, AMC, KCD, ADS:

Year Fee (Rs)
1st Year 75,000
2nd Year 82,500
3rd Year 90,750
4th Year 99,825
Final Year 1,09,807

Open Merit Fee Structure for All Other Colleges (BKMC, SMC, NMC, GKMC, GMC, BMC, BKDS, SDC):

Year Fee (Rs)
1st Year 62,500
2nd Year 68,750
3rd Year 75,625
4th Year 83,187
Final Year 91,505

Open Merit Fee for KIMS:

  • Annual Fee for MBBS (1st Year to Final Year): 4,50,000 Rs

Open Merit Fee for KIDS:

  • Annual Fee for BDS (1st Year to Final Year): 3,50,000 Rs

General Self Finance Fee Details for KMC, AMC, KGMC:

Year Fee (Rs)
1st Year 12,50,000
2nd Year 13,50,000
3rd Year 14,50,000
4th Year 15,50,000
5th Year 16,50,000

General Self Finance for All Other Colleges Except Above:

Year Fee (Rs)
1st Year 11,50,000
2nd Year 12,50,000
3rd Year 13,50,000
4th Year 14,50,000
5th Year 15,50,000

General Self Finance Fee for BDS for All Medical Colleges:

Year Fee (Rs)
1st Year 8,00,000
2nd Year 8,50,000
3rd Year 9,00,000
4th Year 9,50,000

These fee structures provide a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects of pursuing a medical or dental degree in government sector colleges in KPK. Keep in mind that additional charges such as hostel fees, mess charges, and transport charges are not included in these figures. For the latest updates and news regarding admissions and fee structures, stay connected with

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