MBBS Admission Procedure Latest Requirement in Pakistan 2022


We are providing the MBBS Admission Procedure latest requirement 2022 in Pakistan. We will provide you with the complete guideline regarding the admission procedure. The admissions for MBBS in Public and private medical colleges start now. The candidates who pass their HSSE or FSc from Pakistan can apply as local applicants. The candidates also can apply for admission if that has done their qualification forms in the foreign country. As a foreign national candidate, your HSSC equivalent document and passport documents are necessary. The admissions for public and private medical colleges will be close before March 2022. So, the candidates are to apply for admission as soon as possible.

The private medical colleges affiliated with Pakistan Medical Commission PMC can take the admission of MBBS. Therefore, make sure to counter-check the affiliation of the private medical college before admission. Almost 85 colleges are affiliated with the Pakistan Medical commission PMC.

MBBS Admission Procedure Latest Requirement 2022 in Pakistan

Such as, the Pakistan Medical commission has announced the admission and exams. In order to the admission to MBBS, the regulation is applicable to all private and public medical colleges from PMC. The eligibility criteria for the MBBS is a required minimum of 70 percent marks of a higher secondary school certificate.

MBBS Admission Procedure Requirement in Pakistan

So, if your marks are less than 70 percent in FSc or equivalent education then you are not eligible for admission. The entry test from the PMC is essential for the procedure of admission to MBBS. In order to pass the entry test, you are required to obtain at least 60 percent marks. If you get more than 60 percent marks on the entry test, you will be eligible for admission to MBBS.

After passing the entry test, you need to submit your educational documents to your related college. The college will give you an admission fee challan as well as the required bank information. The college will tell you about your timetable of MBBS lectures. We are advising you one more time before applying for admission to the college. In order to check, that the college has an affiliation with Pakistan Medical Commission. If you have any queries related to the Procedure of MBBS Admission. We will help you here.