Muhammad Khalid Khurshid Baltistan CM’s LLB Degree is Fake

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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken action regarding the authenticity of a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree obtained by Muhammad Khalid Khurshid. On 23rd September 2022, the HEC received a notification from the University of London stating that the documents submitted by Khurshid, including the degree certificate, Letter of Certification, and transcript, were not issued by the university.

Upon receiving concerns about the genuineness of the LLB degree, the HEC initiated a re-verification process. Following their established policy, the HEC requested the University of London to verify the degree, transcript, and sealed envelope provided by Khurshid. In response, the University of London confirmed that the documents in question were not issued by them.

Under clause #7 of the Affidavit submitted by Khurshid to the HEC, it was stated that if any academic documents were found to be fake or not in accordance with HEC regulations, the HEC would have the right to revoke the equivalence letter. Based on the findings, the HEC has withdrawn the Equivalence granted to the claimed the University of London LLB Degree issued to Khurshid on 12th May 2023.