Sindh Launched Scholarship Program for Govt Teachers


The Sindh Education Department has recently introduced a scholarship program aimed at supporting teachers in pursuing higher education. This initiative offers numerous benefits and incentives to teachers, such as discounts on B.Ed degree programs and opportunities for career advancement through promotions granted by the government. Moreover, the program allows teachers who wish to pursue a Ph.D. to pay their fees in convenient installments, making higher education more accessible to them.

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Collaboration with IoBM University

Under this program, government teachers have the opportunity to enroll at the prestigious Institute of Business Management (IoBM) University, and those possessing a B.Ed degree will be given the advantage of early promotions. This collaboration with IoBM University presents a valuable chance for teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge through higher education.

Teachers’ Licensing Policy

Recognizing the importance of legal protection for educators, the Sindh cabinet has approved a teachers’ licensing policy. This policy will serve as a safeguard for teachers and provide them with the necessary legal backing. As part of this policy, two teachers’ training institutes will be transferred to the Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA), ensuring better coordination and oversight of training programs. Additionally, a dedicated board will be established to supervise training activities and issue licenses to qualified teachers.

Professional License and Career Advancement

Obtaining a professional license, which requires either a B.Ed or M.Ed degree, opens doors to various Grade 16 positions for teachers. However, it is important to note that further training and professional development are necessary for securing promotions. The STEDA board, led by the Minister for Education and consisting of high-ranking department officials, will play a pivotal role in the licensing process. Their responsibilities include issuing licenses and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of teacher training programs.

In summary, the scholarship program introduced by the Sindh Education Department is a commendable effort to support and empower teachers in their pursuit of higher education. Key features of the program include discounted B.Ed degree programs, opportunities for promotions, and flexible payment options for Ph.D. students. Furthermore, the implementation of a teachers’ licensing policy, transfer of training institutes to STEDA, and the establishment of a licensing board demonstrate the government’s commitment to the professional development and well-being of teachers in the Sindh province.