UCL Global Masters Scholarship in UK 2023 For Pakistani Students


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UCL Global Masters Scholarship 2023 is a scholarship for low-income country students. The funded scholarship in London aims at bringing talented and academically excellent students to UCL by facilitating the finances to cover the maximum cost of study which would be a financial burden otherwise. The international UK scholarship is a chance for students to learn from top-class institutions in the world. London’s Global University has a progressive approach to teaching and research and the students thrive towards excellence and towards having real-life impacts on the world.

The UCL postgraduate scholarship provides the opportunity for the students to become a part of an institute that allows diversity and promotes uniqueness and individuality in the thinking process. Since its inception in 1862, the university has promoted disruptive thinking. Resultantly, its students have excelled in every walk of life stated from the life sciences to finding the first water vapor on the other habitable planet of the space world. Also, it has the honor to have 30 Nobel Laureates among its employees and from its current and former staff.

The scholarship at Global University London is introduced to promote cooperation and harmony among students of different backgrounds. UCL is the first university to accept students from all religions as well as to accept women into the university. So, in order to keep the legacy alive, UCL offers scholarships to international students so that they would be made able to join the university despite their financial conditions. Diversity, harmony, gender equality, and co-existence have become the buzzwords at Global University London. These ideas drive the generations of scholars coming out of the university in formulating a better world for the whole of humanity.

The University College London Scholarship in UK for international students arranges for a platform where the students become part of the alumni network for the rest of their life. UCL provides a free alumni card to its students to grow their businesses, nurture their development, extend their experience, and have access to lifestyle and leisure benefits. apart from all these educational and practical benefits; the students can get financial benefits in the form of support due to this Global Masters Scholarship. In addition to this European Scholarship, the students are free to apply for other funded or fully funded scholarships in the UK while having this specific one.

UCL Global Masters Scholarship in UK 2023:

Host Country:

Host Institution:

  • University College London

Degree Level:

Eligible Programs:

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Benefits of the UCL Scholarships in the UK 2023:

  • The scholars would be given an annual grant of £15,000 (for one year).
  • There will be restrictions on having other scholarships while keeping this financial grant.
  • The scholars will get alumni cards and will receive all the benefits assigned to the global University London alumni.

UCL Global Masters Scholarship 2023 in Uk:

  • The candidate must be an international student and must have been paying the fee at an international rate.
  • The candidate must be a Masters’s student.
  • The candidate must belong to a lower-income background.
  • The candidate must have applied for admission to the Global University London full-time Master’s program.

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How to Apply for the UCL Global Masters Scholarship 2023 in Uk?

  • The student has to apply for admission to get the scholarship. There is no compulsion that one must receive the offer letter. Only an admission application is enough for the initiation of the process.
  • The student has to log in to Portico and has to provide normal details.
  • You have to click on the ‘View’ button for the ‘Active Application’ that you wish to apply funding for.
  • The student has to select the funding option in the application form.
  • Once you have access to the funding page you have to find out which funds you are eligible to apply for and click ‘Check and apply’ under ‘Funds Available’.
  • The students have to answer all the mandatory questions that have been asked in the application.
  • Do not forget to contact Student Funding if you wish to avail of others scholarships simultaneously.

UCL Master’s Scholarship Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for the scholarship is 27 April 2023.

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