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University of Engineering and Technology Lahore has many affiliated institutes that require this ECAT test entrance test to get admission to engineering.

 It is the main requirement to get access to public sector government universities. However, some private sector universities also need. Thousands of students appeared in the ECAT exams, but only 3000 managed to secure a seat in the engineering college. 

The questioning consists of multiple-choice questions on various topics such as Physics, Chemistry, English, Computer science, and Statistics.

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You can test ECAT online

Students must experience different preparation phases to score the maximum marks on the test. Cramming will not get you anywhere. Your concepts need to be strengthened if you take the test. Following admission, students can choose from various disciplines, such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and others.

Subject Wise Online Video Lectures of ECAT

The students preparing for the ECAT test can prepare for the ECAT test online lectures on These videos offer subject-specific courses that students will find helpful. You can start preparing for the quiz by checking out the video lectures.

Physics Online Video Lectures

Many topics are covered in the Physics online lectures, including Measurements, Fluid Dynamics, Optical Instruments, Electromagnetism, etc. 

Through these lectures, the participants will prepare all of the syllabus content better.

Chemistry Online Video Lectures

Make your Chemistry preparation more accessible by following the video lectures on this platform. In addition, it will assist the student in preparing the full syllabus content with the appropriate study material.

Online Video Lectures in English

In the English online video lectures, students are provided with essential information regarding the fundamentals of this subject. Furthermore, by preparing through these lectures, the students can learn about all the necessary grammar skills required in the engineering entrance test.

Online Video Lectures in Computer Science

There are a variety of topics in this subject, including basic concepts of information technology, computer architecture, window operating systems, and other relevant issues. Students can prepare themselves by watching these online video lectures.

Online Video Lectures in Mathematics

Math requires much more preparation time than the exam since it contains many topics.

 To prepare the wholesome mathematics syllabus, it is recommended that the students follow the online video lectures uploaded on this portal.

ECAT Online Test

Also, students can access the ECAT online test at with ease. Therefore, it is recommended that students solve these online tests to ensure better preparation.