Intermediate Courses and Programs in Pakistan 2021 -2022

Bachelor’s level in Pakistan begins after the successful completion of intermediate level. At this level, students choose to study subjects they are interested in or have looked at inter-level.

Usually, the Bachelor’s level is believed to be the main path of a student’s life. After completing inter-level, students get admission to universities in their desired disciplines or choose the subjects they want to study.

Those students who study Pre-medical at inter-level and get good marks in it go for the medical field and gain admission to medical universities in Pakistan.

On the other hand, students who study Pre-engineering at inter-level go for the engineering field and get admission to an engineering university if they meet the criteria of the respective university.

Likewise, students may choose many other fields according to their choice and area of interest.

These fields include:

1. Computer studies

2. Engineering

3. Accounting and Finance

4. Medical

5. Business and Management

6. Humanities

7. Arts & Design

8. Law

9. Media Studies & others.

Many reputed educational institutes in Pakistan offer various Bachelor’s degree programs admissions. Here we have uploaded a guide of Bachelor’s degree programs and institutes for the convenience of students.